Simpsons Pornography Story: Kidnap Chapter 11

Simpsons Pornography Story: Kidnap Chapter 11

WOW! I got 6 reviews for the last chapter! Thats the most yet! Wow! Lol.

Thanks so very much to beriipop, Wuup, BeckyHerself, Yami-Kjata, Gianna, & Sacharissa Lupin for reviewing.

Since I like Cecil (not as much as I love Bob) I decided to throw in a few moments of Cecil/Bart but overall will be Bob/Bart. HmmI just thought of something elseread onto Barts thoughts to see my own, hint hint.

The water was warm. The droplets pelted Bart softly thanks to the low water pressure. He let a soft moan of pleasure, the first scrap of pleasure all day, slip out. It was relaxing, he thought as his muscles turned to mush. It was comforting, something he knew he wouldnt find much of here.

His hangover was slowly dying away.

Letting his chin fall onto his chest, he stared at his nude body. His skin was starting ever so slightly to become a light blue, hinting swelling and bruises soon. It was probably because of the stairs. He didnt even want to look at his wrists and ankles! Instead, he watched the water waste went down the sink. It cleansed him physically but emotionally, he felt filthy and horrible. The red water vanished through the dark hole in the tub. It soon became a light pink, signaling Bart that most of the blood (when did he start to bleed?) was going away. All traces of his illness were gone too.

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Pokemon Porno Story: POKEMON Nail

Pokemon Porno Story: POKEMON Nail

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Steve Smith rigid drill Hayley Smith from behind

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Tsuna x Hina: Tsunade seduces Naruto with her meaty tits… and later he finds out that Hinata’s tits are not so diminutive either!

Naruto Hentai Porn DoujinshiNaruto Hentai Porn Doujinshi Continue reading

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Violet is exceptionally moist right now

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Ember shows her perfect body

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Dual invasion with queen Kitana!

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Harry Potter Porn Story: Harry Potter: Harry Potter And The Spellbook Of Desires Part 39 – Calendar Completed

Harry Potter Porn Story: Harry Potter: Harry Potter And The Spellbook Of Desires Part 39 – Calendar Completed

Fred and George Weasley had not studied once for the final year sixth year exams. Since starting their adult line of Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes, the twins had been too cooped up with making potions, having sex and earning loads of gold. Their latest financial windfall was the Girls of Hogwarts School Calendar, in which they had already sunk several hundred Galleons on seducing the prettiest of the prettiest into taking off their clothes, prancing around naked, fucking them and letting go any inhibition they once had regarding sex. Fleur Delacour, Hermione Granger and even their own sister had been the twins’ latest conquests, succumbing to blackmail, bribes and a desire to be the biggest slut possible. Months of planning and pockets full of gold had all led up to the final stages of the calendar; all they needed was one more prime candidate and they knew exactly who they wanted.

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